Transformational Club


Transformational coaches Duygu Ustun & Jale Oncu are inspired by their passion of reading, learning and growing to create this unique book club experience.

This is not just an ordinary book club.

This is a journey to your desired-self supported by your transformational coaches and the wisdom of like minded souls.

You will Read.Reflect.Transform.Take Action.

How does it work?

There is a clear, step-by-step, proven process of Transformational Club.

Step 1: Book yourself in, then receive your insight-full, transforming kit that includes;

- the book of the month,

- step-by-step guide to make the most of your journey,

- practical tools for transformation and self-refletion guides.

Pencil in the date of your group coaching session in your calendar.

Find a comfortable spot, make yourself a nice cup of tea and relax. Feel free to touch, smell and feel your book. Enjoy your reading.

Step 2: Then, start your transformational journey by the support of the transforming kit. Follow your step-by-step guide to start discovering your fundamental nature and essence while you read.

Don’t worry if you cannot finish the book before your group session or if you are not attached to that specific book, it’s still going to work. Continue your self-reflections by following the tools presented to you.

Enjoy your transformational tool of the month until your group session.

Here comes the most powerful part.

Step 3: Come and join us at Transformational Group Coaching Session, where you will connect to your inner-self in a safe, comforting and creative environment surrended by likeminded souls. You will lean through your relational space together with the group wisdom led by your transformational coaches.

Step 4: Collect all the insight you gained during a month together and integrate them into your life. You will just follow the simple steps created by your coaches to design your action plan.

You will leave your session with self-awareness and your tailor-made action plan that will take you a step forward into the life you desire deeply.

And then, book yourself in for your next session, if you have not enrolled yet for multiple sessions.