The impact Duygu has is encouragement and ability to break down fears. Feeling she gives is positivity and trust. Duygu made me feel comfortable immediately and she is easy to talk to. Her approach is subtle and each session was though provoking. She helped me achieve results I hoped for and more. I feel extremely lucky to work with her, I have benefited so much from our sessions. 

tara, mum & entrepreneur

Duygu is a plasure to work with. She's helped me figure out what I want out of life and my career as well as facing my inner demons which have been holding me back. I won't say the process was painless for me, But it has been effective. I've stuck for so long that I think I might be a more challenging case! Duygu is insightful, encouraging and just a really great person. She really cares about what she does, she's authentic and approachable.

BEGUM, development dırector

Duygu has a vast self-awareness. She finds the right balance between analytical and emotional views. Quite a rational attitude towards life despite being very positive. She is quite brave and open-minded. You can easily open up to her as she would discover the values in people and supports them. 

She never settles with the existing know-how and looks for continuous improvement - setting a good example.


You would not feel like “do it yourself if it’s a piece of cake” as the experiences the stuff she talks about in her own life and that I believe inspires her clients. In today’s world, we are surrounded with people who act as if “they are done with their own journey, they succeeded at whatever they wanted” which feels a bit fake. Whereas Duygu is very well connected with real life and I believe this is one of the reasons why she is quite sincere and natural.

It feels like there is someone accompanying you while you are walking alone in snow where the surface is floating and it is freezing cold. Her support is energizing like a cup of coffee on that cold snowy road. 

I guess, one of the most important things is she is a turst-worthy person.

It was a great oppurtunity to meet her. She contributed to my life with her support and coaching. I hope your paths will cross with her some time..

With love,



ece, entrEpreneur

The best thing that happened to me in 2017 was getting the chance to know Duygu.

I have been setting up my business as an entrpreneur since 2016. Before that I was  working in the marketing department of international corporate companies. Back then, I was dreaming of having my own business like many others in corporate life. I finally got the opportunity and decided to fulfill this dream... but I knew nothing about starting a business, and in the process I encountered great difficulties.. The problems I experienced in business had influenced my personal life, and I did't have the power to get out of this dilemma. Although I am a person of entrepreneurial spirit, who likes to experience new things, who is outward and full of energy, this period was about to wear me out. It was like all the colors of my rainbow were turning gray!

What do I do? I bake sour dough bread... My business was the reason I met Duygu. Then I found out she transforms lives as a coach. We began working together. When we started, I was struggling to find the crumbs of hope for my business and private life. But in a very short period of time, we achieved alot and so fast that the hopes began to grow again. It was like someone touched my life with a magic wand:) Duygu asked the right questions in the right place, listened to me very well, tried to understand, and I explained my experiences as clearly as I could. I was open and frank for better results and for real benefit, as if I had a mirror in front of me. I tried to answer every question that Duygu asked as clearly as I could, as if I was talking to myself...

I think Duygu was born to be a Coach. She listens and encourages you with no judgement  so it allows you to approach the matter in an objective way with a different perspective. Soon after I started to work with Duygu, I began to put things together in my business and private life.

 I am happier and gaining self-confidence.

I have been sharing my story with everyone who struggles with their problems in life.

gokcen, BARrISTER

If you have not crossed paths with  beloved Duygu yet, I hope you get the chance to know her. I first met her one evening when I was at the bottom with an emotional mess. During my journey, I felt like I was taking a deep breath, there was light in my path. During our sessions, I have transformed myself to someone with a different , brighter and better approach to whatever life brings. After each session, I felt that I had the support of being able to move on to a balanced life. If you are looking for a strong personality, intellectual knowledge, a flexible perspective, she is the one you are looking for. 

onur, cıvıl engıneer

Working with Duygu was not a magic touch!, it was even better. With her sincere and objective presence (sometimes annoyed me :)) and powerful questions I was confronted with the facts that I could not confess, even to myself. Although it has been a while since our last coaching session, I hear her asking me, what perspective can you bring to this ? at times  I am nervous and stressed.

 It gets easier to manage my feelings. Sharing my thoughts  that I could not tell anyone, was a process that brought me so many positive approaches. It's a good thing we crossed paths and I met Duygu.

gızem, unı. student

I met coaching and Duygu via a project at my university. Duygu was one of the volunteer coaches. I was encourged by my friends who had already been getting coaching. Then I began working with Duygu. I'd say I found myself in our sessions. I've changed a lot in a very positive way that people around me, my parents and friends could tell the difference. I'm very glad that I know Duygu.