Bounce Back Right into

Center of Your Life

Create your authentic identity

You long to feel more confident, successful and fulfilled? Maybe nothing in life seems in control? But harder you try, the more setbacks come in your way. And maybe you are struggling silently.

We all are whole, unique and creative.

Reconnecting your authentic, unique and creative inner-self, discovering what you are good at, your deepest desires, your veiled skills and understanding what is really important to you, in short creating your unique identity will give you;

CLARITY in who you are, what your true purpose is, and what resources you have,

FOCUS on what is important to you, your big picture and your action plan,

MOMENTUM in life; taking action and responsibility and moving forward confidently towards your desired life.

Create Momentum

in Business

Manage your brand to achieve results in business

You are feeling that you are not moving forward as you should, trying hard, resulting in no progress, repeating same negative patterns over and over, having fear of failure, loosing your confidence and maybe you are not believing in yourself anymore. 

You are not alone

You are trying to build or grow your business, find a job, get noticed among others, impress vendors or figure out your dream business, the key is to create your authentic, powerful, attractive brand and make it visible.

Greater understanding of your true-self will help you define your brand by identifying your strengths, skills and values. It will support you in maintaining your focus and motivation, and creating  effective business stategies built on your authentic identity. ​

Connecting  to your unique, authentic and  powerful brand, making it heard and seen will enable you to be more confident and more comfortable in what you do and who you are.

You will regain confidence,and communicate your brand properly.

Adjust to Life Abroad


Align with your personal identity to fit into your new life.

You have started your new life abroad. You are excited yet worried about living in a foreign country. You are out of your comfort zone and struggling to build your business and social life.

Everything seems out of control.

Revisiting your personal brand, unleashing the true motivation that brought you there and understanding your barriers will help you take the first steps to adjust your life abroad, enable you become a part of the life in your new habitat and supports you in the process of making a smooth transition and taking part in the community you feel supported.


These Programmes are only  available with any other programmes

'Brand me inside out' Programme


Your Personal Brand is your reputation including your outfit, tone of voice, gestures and mimics, social media posts, communications with colleagues, friends and family.


Complete your brand with

Your colour assement*,

Wardrobe edit or Personal Shopping*

*'Finding the colours that show you at your best, getting the fit that suits your lifestyle and having fun with what you wear' part, I am collaborating with personal stylist Ghislaine Walker.

How we make it happen