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be the best at everything

I learn a lot from children’s books. My 3 year old son has a book called #Imthebest. The story is about a dog who claims to be the best at everything. He runs much faster than mole, digs holes much better than goose, he is much bigger than ladybird, he can swim much better than donkey. His friends feel sad and they wish to be as good as dog. One day, the mole says: actually I can dig holes much longer than you, dog. Then goose says, I can swim much faster you. Donkey says I am much bigger than you, ladybird says I can fly much better than you, in fact you don’t even have wings. Dog thinks I am not good at anything, I am rubbish at everything. His friends cheer him up by saying they love him and he is best at having beautiful fluffy ears. What dog believes in the end is, having beautiful fluffy ears is the most important thing after all.

This story makes me think our adult world with people like this dog. They manipulate other’s thoughts, beliefs about themselves and their feelings to show off or step up. When we are aware of own values and strengths, and when we are self-motivated we are more resilient. . . . #parentcoach #lifecoach #coaching #lifecoaching #lifecoaches #parenting #parentingtips #childrenbooks #fluffyears #beingamom #beingachild #reading #resilient #selfmotivated #books #whatilearnfromchildren

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