Duygu Ustun

Transformational Coach. Facilitator. Engineer

Mum. Wife. Friend. Daughter. Sister. 

Analytical. Connector of dots. Big picture thinker. Results oriented.


Networker.  Creative. Intuitive. Keen insight on human behavior. 

I am Duygu. I am a transformational life coach, a NLP practitioner, an effective parenting instructor, a project manager, a civil engineer, a mum, a daughter, a friend, a wife.

There were times that I was juggling with many roles and at one point I felt I was failing in all areas in life. My awakening moment was realizing that there was a little me in each role but no "true me" anywhere. That was when I started to create the real me, my authentic identity, my personal brand.


Building my personal brand helped me pull myself together, focus and take action in investing my time and energy on what is really important to me, feel confident and comfortable in who I am and what I do and communicate my authentic identity effectively to achieve results that I wanted for myself. 


After spending more than a decade working in multinational projects as a project manager, I believe that powerful personal brand is the key to be seen, heard and move forward in business and in life.

Now, I help others create their authentic personal brand, properly communicate their value and equipt them with clarity, focus and momentum for a more meaningful, content and successful life.

Qualificaitons , Certifications and more about me

I am a change facilitator -member of ICF (International Coach Federation)-,  Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) instructor; trained and certified by world-renowned institutions; Adler School of Professional Coaching, Erickson International Learning, Gordon Training International and Harvard Business School. I hold a degree in civil engineering. I am a mum to one happy child. I enjoy creative cooking, collecting joyful moments through my lense, and reading and learning about communication and making connections. I am a volunteer at Kew Gardens to get families excited about plants and the natural world.