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Getting You Grounded in the Center of Your Life

So That You Enjoy the Life you design for yourself

Reconnecting you to

your true self,

your family and

your desired life..


You are unique so is my approach. 

I listen beyond your words, your desires and needs, and design a unique programme for you. 

My tailor-made programs are designed to get you grounded in the center of your life, respecting who you are, taking into account your life style and focusing on where you want to be in life.

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My mission is making connections and building effective communication with our true-selves, our families and others in our lives.

D. Ustun

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Become the Leader in Your Life

Tailor-made for You

Knowing yourself better enables you to take the control of your life.

Become the leader in your own life helps you get to know your true-self better. Discovering who you really are gives you clarity and confidence to make difficult life choices and gives you courage to go for what really matters to you.


Be the leader of your own life will enable you unleash your strengths, define your barriers, and face your fears and take action to build your desired life.

Adjust to Life Abroad

Adjust to Life Abroad” is a tailor-made, effective and flexible programme to make the best of your life abroad.

It was created to support the people living abroad in making the best of their life abroad and helping the people those wiling to move overseas to make solid plans to build a new life smoothly.

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choose your modules to desıgn your unıque programME

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Effective Parents Resilient Children

Less tantrum, less resentment,  less tension, more fun, more peace, more effective communication in your family.


I started my career by learning how complex construction projects are planned, managed and executed. And there, I realized that the most important  factor in effective project management is the clear, simple and comprehensive communication of the challenges to all stakeholders.


More than a decade; I helped various stakeholders having different values, perspectives and speaking different languages ​​to communicate clearly and to connect to each other to bring in the best they can and to develop cooperation for the success of the project.

Integrated my analytical approach, experience and know how, I help individuals who feel stuck in their business or private lives,  fill the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be,  realize their strengths, explore their potential and get clear on what really matters to them,  support, open up and encourage them to behold their barriers and break them.


Where would you be if your heart and mind were completely free?


Professional Coach 

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Instructor.

NLP Practitioner

Points of you Explorer

Mindfulness Practitioner


Civil Engineer

Professionally Trained Home Chef

Mindful Photographer


'2020 has been my climb up to Everest. Duygu is like the oxygen tube I found at 8000 m in this journey'



'Duygu's approach is subtle and each session was though provoking. She helped me achieve results I hoped for and more.'



'I've figured out what I want out of life and my career as well as facing my inner demons which have been holding me back. I won't say the process was painless for me, but it has been effective.'



'Duygu always encouraged me to move a step further from where I was stuck. Gradually, I grew into a more resillient person, now I know that I can handle whatever comes in my way! Throughout our sessions there came a flow of change where the deadlocks of years started to unravel at ease. I learned that change can bring me solutions. I am very grateful.'




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